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Another one bites the dust, parade talk, some picks for today’s horse races and more: The update for Nov. 3

So the old man is back again, since Lamont had a death in the family. So much to get to…

The Deshaun Watson injury is devastating. He had already become a star in the league, and without him, the Texans playoff hopes are doomed. It’s that simple.

They won’t sign Colin Kapernick, and they won’t win with Tom Savage or Matt McGloin. It’s life when you have a franchise quarterback. Ask the Packers fans how they feel right now.

It’s a devastating blow to a franchise that has now lost three of its best four players for the season. So what is left? Try not to let the Browns get too high of a draft pick.

What it means: You might have missed this, but if you did, here is a link to a World Series story that is really worth your time. (Yes, I wrote it),  

Please humor an old man and check it out.

Let’s have a parade: After the Astros victor parade today, swing by Proof for our after party. You won’t be able to drive anywhere anyway. Should be a lot of fun.

Better have fun now: The latest “world is going to end” group says we have two weeks…

OK, I really want to do this: Who is in for a beer mile? Pretty sure I am not getting anywhere near this dude’s world record…

Another beer thought: I have noticed recently that a couple bars I used to frequent no longer serve Karbach because they “sold out.” That is certainly your choice. It is also my choice to never go to your bar again. Not everyone believes selling your company makes you a sellout. But don’t worry; it’s not like my business is that important. I mean, I don’t spend much on alcohol at all…

BC picks: I apologize for not having more detail on these. But I’ve been a little busy. But here are the horses I like today:

Race 6 (BC Juvenile fillies turf): I like the 2 horse here at 9-2. Will wheel up and down in exactas and play across the board.

Race 7 (BC Dirt Mile): Most of the money will go on Sharp Azteca (3) and Mor Spirit (6). But I like a couple price plays to get in the mix. Cupid (7) and Practical Joke (10) should be in the mix at honest prices. I will likely key Practical Joke in tris with the horses mentioned above and also bet him and Cupid in the win/place and exacta pools keyed with the other horses.

Race 8 (BC Juvenile Turf): No strong opinion on this race but will be using the 2-5-6-7-12 in my bets.

Race 9 (BC Distaff): This is a very well-matched bunch. We will take the 5 horse in trifectas with the 2-4-6-8 with all in the trifectas and and 2-4-6-8 with 5 with all.


“When someone is good at what he does but is a nonconformist, there is a temptation in horse racing, like in all kinds of other areas of human endeavor, to dismiss him for his nonconformity rather than to recognize him for his excellence.”

— David Milch


horse hottie

Hot women in hats love horse racing.






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