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NFL Week 9 Misery Index

Sometimes I wish I could stop being a fan, sometimes I wish I didn’t care, and sometimes I wish I could just pick a new team.  These are my current feelings about the Texans. But then I remember how awesome the Astros made it feel to be a fan, and how I still can’t wrap my mind around the idea that one of my teams won it all.  So will I remain a Texans fan through what is sure to be a tortuous remainder of the season?  Deep down I will.  Though it will probably feel like when a friend moves away for a while.  I’ll go on with my life and probably wont keep up with them too much – maybe I’ll text or email every once in a while. But when they come home we’ll go back to being friends just as we were before they left.  So enjoy your semester abroad Texans – I’ll see you next fall.

I skipped the Misery Index last week because there was too much weather going on across the league.  This week the meteorological situation is pretty much reversed. Relatively calm weather will reign this weekend with the only real “issue” being the temperatures and maybe some light snow at a couple of games.

This week the Misery Index is coming home. The most miserable place to watch an NFL game this weekend will be in our very own NRG stadium.  Not even the lingering excitement about the World Series will make the Texans game against the Colts bearable.  The loss of Deshaun Watson means fans will have to watch the league’s most exciting offense transform back into the league’s most boring.  Making matters worse is that fans won’t even be able to see a quality opponent.  I mean how many people at the game tomorrow could name more than one player on the Colts active roster?  I bet less than half. If the Texans are looking to give fans their money’s worth in entertainment they should just replay the World Series on the jumbotron during home games for the rest of the season.

Misery Index: ☹☹☹☹

Weather Impacts Around The League:

Redskins at Seahawks (Sunday 3:05 PM):  This looks to be a cold and damp afternoon.  Temperatures will be in the upper 30s throughout the game with passing snow showers.  It will probably be to warm for any real accumulation but it will make things wet. Additionally winds will be gusting between 20 and 25 MPH especially during the earlier parts of the game.  These conditions will make kicking more of a challenge and may hinder the passing game to some degree.  It won’t be shut down but it probably won’t be spectacular.

Lions at Packers (Monday 7:30 PM):  Temperatures will hover near the freezing mark and may drop below freezing later in the game. It looks dry so no snow or ice issues here. However the cold temperatures will have somewhat of a negative impact on kickers and to a lesser degree the passing game, so I’d expect more of an emphasis on the running game.

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