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Watson is dead, Wentz is not, soccer thoughts, the Trumpy bear and more: Your Nov. 8 update

My face when I rolled out of bed on Monday morning remembering draft night 2016. The Carson Wentz era has come upon us. What a beautiful sight.


What did we learn in Week 9 guys?

The fun Bills team we saw the last few weeks is finally toast. (See: primetime loss + the remaining schedule)

The NYG should just stay home the rest of the season and start over in 2018.

AJ Green may or may not have hands… and a future in the WWE.

Mike Evans is definitely from my hometown.

Winston is almost as big of a disappointment this season as his entire team… and kind of creepy for “eating a W” in his pep talk.

Proof that there is truth… your Texans really DID die along with Watson’s ACL…

The Rams really may be serious. (That felt weird typing out)

Miami is not actually an NFL team. But they still have really cool uniforms and good cocaine.

Cam Newton should stick to reading routes, not attempting metaphors.

Oh, and…

Philly is still the team y’all love to hate. Hate on this 8-1. Hate on those 50+ points we threw on the leagues “#1 defense.” (I can go on and on)

OK, so soccer DOES matter: Our Dynamo did it! They beat the Patriots of the MLS! That was a bit dramatic but you guys get the point. Great win for the guys on the ROAD. The Dynamo play at home Nov. 21. Get your tickets now to support them or block me from twitter. The choice is yours.

Side Note: Since Watson took the L for our World Series championship, I vote we sacrifice OBrien for the Dynamo trophy… Not that the sports gods would want him but it’s worth a shot!

A Trumpy bear? It’s moments like these when I find myself googling “How to become a citizen of Canada…”

Shame bell No. 1


In case you missed Winston eating… *blank stare*

Shame bell No. 2


Mike Evans gets suspended by the league but AJ Green walks free? Here we go with the inconsistency of the NFL again…

Shame bell No. 3


Hottie of the Week:


Everything about her…

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