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Gambling Guide Week 11: Huge weekend slate

Greetings from New Hampshire! It seems these days storms are everywhere. So, I go wherever the money is. I apologize for not getting your fade material up sooner this week but I have been traveling.

We made a small profit last week. It could have been a very nice 3-1 weekend if the Seahawks would have shown up and cashed the last leg of our small parlay. Moving on…

Georgia -120 ML @ Auburn- If you are looking for one game to hammer and go against me, this is the game. I follow about 10 people on some form of social media when it comes to gambling since 2004. I respect all of them. 7 of them are on Auburn. I just don’t see it. I get this is the “biggest game on the schedule for Auburn.” However you can’t tell me that every Georgia player knows they can beat Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Georgia has to know if they lose this game they are in trouble. Maybe they no show- but I have been on Auburn several times this year. I think Georgia is just the better team.

1st half under 31 Oklahoma State/Iowa State- Sleepy game spot for both teams. I don’t see how either offense gets going early. There really is nothing for either team to play for. If the offense does get rolling it should be in the 2nd half. I’ve been watching this number all week. The total has dipped, but the 1st half has stayed the same. Hoping both teams are asleep and at least remember how to tackle.

SMU/Navy Over 68– Navy can not stop the pass. SMU can not stop the run. I think this number is 4-5 points too low. It could get crazy. SMU really needs to win to keep their chances alive of winning the western conference in the American Conference- plus Navy embarrassed them last year. Look for both teams to score.

Boise State @ Colorado State +6 – Colorado State typically struggles against Boise State. However, Boise State has a hard time stopping the pass and Colorado State excels in the passing game. CSU is wearing their new “pride jerseys.” I look for them to have a little extra motivation in a game I think they can win outright. Regardless of their record, Boise State shouldn’t be 6 point favorites on the road over very many teams.

Saints @ Bills +3– I’m telling you right now, it’s freezing balls cold up here. The Saints hate the cold. I get their defense has been solid this year but I don’t see how they can possibly be a 3 point favorite on the road- in the cold. I’ll roll with the home team.

Send all hate mail to @jayoff288

Best of luck on all of your wagers this weekend.



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