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Free agency bites the Texans in the ass

Houston Texans general manager Rick Smith, left, and head coach Bill O'Brien speak during a news conference following the Texans selection of Notre Dame wide receiver Will Fuller in the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday, April 28, 2016, in Houston. ( Brett Coomer / Houston Chronicle )

Short and sweet, I’ve been thinking about the Texans and why are we here.

Why is the Offensive Line so bad?

Why is the secondary trash?

Why is Tom Savage on this team?

It all comes back to Tony Romo and the Texans non-action during the meat of free agency.  The Texans and Broncos basically had a stare down during free agency in hopes of Romo landing in their lap.

While waiting on Romo, the Texans allowed Free Agency to pass them by instead of addressing real needs on the squad.  A part of me wonders if Deshaun Watson was the plan all alone or was he the backup plan if Romo didn’t come.  Either way, the Texans were caught with their pants down.

2018 will be interesting in Free Agency.  Should we go after a QB with a similar skill set as DeShaun or do we draft one.  I’m thinking of someone like Baker Mayfield but its too early to be thinking draft or IS IT?  Oh wait, we don’t even have our first two picks.   Well the Texans Draft Party is going to be awkward

It will also be interesting because as I look at the roster, I do not see one player I would be willing to bring back who is up for free agency.  Outside of Deshaun Watson and Clowney, Fuller and Hopkins, no one has stood out.

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