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Football stinks, Rockets basketball, Wurstfest and more in the update for 11/14

I don't remember taking this

Just a fair warning – today’s update is not very sportsy, like at all. One of my best friends got married this weekend in the hill country so we headed up there on Friday after work and never looked back. The wedding was on Sunday in the late afternoon, so naturally, we figured Wurstfest would be a good Saturday activity. And that’s the lead up to my decision to never drink again.

Between the two of us, the boyfriend and I drank six pitchers of heavy German beer. You might think that doesn’t seem like much but we did a bad job of hydrating throughout the day and really just ate various meats throughout the festival, nothing substantial. I’m also not a large person. Sunday morning I felt like I’d been hit by a train. That train had flung me onto an 18-wheeler which had tossed me from it’s cab into a nearby tree. Things were ugly. We BARELY made the 4:30 wedding. Had it not been for Whataburger coming in clutch like always, I would have missed it. I’m sure of it.

I have Verizon, so I could have been watching the Texans game while we drove to the wedding, even though I’m not one of those people who feels like I need to watch football during the most important moments of someone’s life. I have some couth people. But I just didn’t care to. I knew it would be bad. It wasn’t until we were driving home around 7 that I even thought about checking the score – and I simply cackled when I saw it. I know the LA Rams are a good football team this year. But, to only score seven points when this offense even with it’s abysmal Oline was scoring 30 in the weeks leading up to Deshaun’s injury! That’s absurd. I’m done watching the Texans for the rest of the season, probably. There’s no point. Is Bill O’Brien the best coach in the NFL? Of course not. No one could win with Tom Savage. And the fact that they’re continuing to trot this scrub out Sunday after Sunday shows they don’t care. The entire team has quit. We can’t even look forward to the draft because we don’t have any freaking picks until the third damn round. If you really want to know how the game went, look no further though – we have you covered.

Also, I lost another fantasy matchup *crying emoji*

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Tonight I’m going to my first Rocket’s game of the season. They’re on fire. 11-3. Best record in the Western Conference. Getting Chris Paul back soon. A social media team that tweets this:

Also, no big deal but…

People are very mad online about Colin Kaepernick being named GQ’s Citizen of the Year.

I too, feel that people should only be recognized for their sacrifices when it fits my personal agenda. Idiots. It’s a magazine award you pathetic losers. Maybe chill. What JJ Watt did is incredible, and I don’t want to minimize that but it’s disingenuous and insulting to all parties to bring him into this just because you disagree with GQ’s decision.

I’ve started watching Stranger Things 2 and it is NOT disappointing. I’m at the edge of my seat in every episode. The special effects are out of this world. When Will is having visions of the upside down I actually tense up. And the acting. Winona Rider is great, but the kids are the real stars. Never have I seen better acting out of children. That includes when Baby Biscuit doesn’t want to do something.

Quote of the Day

“I finally quit drinking for good. Now I drink for evil.” – Unknown

Hottie of the Day


This is me on Saturday after the operation to make me taller, thinner, and prettier.


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