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Saving money fails, life fails, football fails, shame fails and more: The update for Nov. 15


You know how I told you guys I was trying to save money? Here’s how that’s going…

  • Remember when I cut off my cable? Well it’s back on and I got suckered into an even better (more expensive) sports package. My new remote control even talks to me!
  • I upgraded my seat on my round trip flight to Disney World that I just scheduled myself to avoid my family for Christmas.
  • Disney World. For 5 days. An entire trip.
  • Booked my spa day at work yesterday morning while losing concentration trying to add up my weekend bar tabs.
  • Oh, and Week 10 raped me so bad that I’m pretty sure all of my gambling websites now feature me as their superstar of the month. (I am currently auctioning myself off on dates all week so that I can have dinner).

Life – 124

Holly – 0

Let us get down to business…

Your Texans blow. They blow even worse than my attempts at adulting. In fact, I don’t know which is worse… O’Brien’s same annoying post game responses or the 17,356 interceptions Savage throws. The only “beautiful pass” Savage threw was directly into the hands of an LA Rams player. MULTTIPLE TIMES. In fact, I think I actually saw him smile. Tom hates this city. And he hates you.

Chin up buttercup: The Cowgirls looked just as pathetic. I’m so excited that my Eagles get to feast on them this week. All hail, Darby has risen from the dead… In perfect timing for rivalry week.


I think the Rockets are doing well… However, I really don’t care so you should definitely check out Sports Center for some updates. (Or Barry’s post tomorrow here on HS&S).

In other irrelevant news from irrelevant others:

On Sunday, Vontaze Burfict was ejected and fined. Again. Someone please remind me why this moron is still allowed to play in the NFL.

Shame bell No. 1


Okay. Cutler still believing in the Miami Dolphins is almost as ridiculous as Texans fans still seeing a glimmer of hope in the Tom Savage & Bill Obrien duo. L O L

Shame bell No. 2


Now for your IR update of the week. It’s safe to say we can label Haden dead until 2018. Between him and the ongoing list of broken super stars, we may just have our own handicap pro bowl roster. *sigh*

Shame bell No. 3


Hottie of the Week:












…Because I fell for her on twitter when she told Dallas fans to “pull out their pearl tampon.”

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