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NFL Week 11 Misery Index & Fantasy/Gambling Weather Impacts

I hope you can excuse my absence last week, I was out of town and didn’t get the time to devote to this post as I had hoped.  Over the past few weeks winter weather has flirted with a few games but this week I think we can officially say winter has arrived to the NFL landscape.  A number of games look to be impacted by cold, snow, and wind so lets get to it.

Misery Index

Going forward I am going to be hard pressed to not make any game the Texans are playing in the most miserable game of the week.  However, since I did just that a couple of weeks ago I’ll choose a different spot here.  This week we are going to a place familiar with misery – Cleveland – where the Jaguars are meeting up with the Browns.  Despite the relative success the Jaguars have had this year they are still one of the less interesting teams in the league, at least for the common fan.  As far as the Browns go…well, they are the Browns.  The only thing they have done this year is add the inability to properly use email to their long list of inadequacies. The bar has already been set low for fans attending this game, and the weather looks to add insult to injury on Sunday.

Temperatures during the game will hover in the low to mid 30’s with light rain/snow mix showers likely passing through from time to time.  On top of that the wind will be steadily whipping at 20 mph and gusting up to 30-35 mph making the temperature feel like the low 20s.  The combination of raw conditions and Browns football will make this game possibly the worst place to spend 3 hours on Sunday afternoon.

(As an aside, I give Browns fans who go to and sit through this game all the credit in the world.  I can promise you that if the Texans, with the lineup they will be running out on Sunday, played in an outdoor stadium and it was below 50 and raining NO ONE would show up).

Misery Index: ☹☹☹☹

Games Impacted By Weather

Lions @ Bears (12 PM) – Temperatures will hold around the freezing mark throughout the game.  Precipitation does not look to be a factor but winds may be.  The early part of the game could see winds around 15 mph gusting to 20 mph.  As the game goes on the gusts look to die down a bit but a 10-12 mph wind will remain. The cold and early wind will be a detriment to kickers, and with a rookie quarterback these conditions don’t bode well for the Bears passing attack.

Jaguars @ Browns (12 PM) – Temperatures will be in the mid 30s throughout the game with periods of rain/snow throughout. It will likely be too warm for much if any snow accumulation meaning it will be a wet afternoon.  Wind will also be an issue as it will be will be steady at 20 mph and gusting to over 30 throughout the game dropping the windchill to the mid 20s.  The cold, wet, and windy conditions will make kicking very difficult and add yet another stumbling block for two quarterbacks who have a hard time with the game of football even in perfect conditions.  Look for he running games to dominate here.

Ravens @ Packers (12 PM) – With temperatures around 30 degrees throughout the game the Frozen Tundra will be earning its name this week. Snow won’t be an issue and winds will be relatively light at about 10 mph.  Alone the wind wouldn’t be enough to really make an impact but that wind combined with cold temperatures could have a negative effect on kickers.  Given the temperatures and quarterbacks, I would expect more emphasis on running than passing.

Chiefs @ Giants (12 PM) – This is another game where wind could be a factor.  Temperatures will be tolerable in the low 50s, but the wind will be blowing at about 20 mph with gusts over 30 mph.  Definitely a mark against kickers and any long passing plays.

As always if you have questions about any other games, college or NFL, tweet them to me @stephenuzick.

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