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Savage finally comes through, Watt-a-burger, Justice League, bleep you and more: The update for Nov. 20


I don’t know if you noticed, but there was quite a bit less barking on social media after the Houston Texans won on Sunday.

Tom Savage threw some precise strikes – along with some wounded ducks – and the Texans overcame some offensive mistakes to beat the Cardinals on Dre Day. Savage gave Arizona 14 points with an interception and a strip-fumble that allowed the Cardinals to score two touchdowns by going for just more than 30 total yards. But Savage threw for two TDs, one of which was a precise strike that went to DeAndre Hopkins.

And the ground game looked potent to help Houston score four TDs. Has the O-line finally found its mojo?

(Side note – I liked the celebration that the Texans used after a touchdown when four players handed off the football like a track relay baton.)

I remember at the beginning of the season that DeAndre Hopkins defended Tom Savage as the starting quarterback. On Sunday Hopkins grabbed his ninth TD reception of the year, which is tied for the NFL lead. Was Hopkins feathering his nest, or did he see something in Savage that the rest of us did not?

Another positive was the play of Jadeveon Clowney, who had five tackles, including three for loss, as well as two sacks and three quarterback hits. On a fourth-and-one run by Cardinals RB Adrian Peterson, Clowney helped throw the back for a loss. Clowney has eight sacks for the year, and made the Pro Bowl last year with six sacks.

I am still not sold on Savage. I previously thought that the Texans could lose every game they play the rest of the year because of the turnovers that involved Savage. But now I have confidence that Houston can win again – they at least will beat San Francisco. Savage has not been consistent enough for me to think otherwise, yet.

WATT-A-BURGER — Dear Whataburger,
After the Houston Astros’ win over the Dodgers brought attention to the nation that Whataburger is better than what those California posers have with In-N-Out Burger, I hope you will please accept this idea of a new burger for your menu honoring yet another Houston standout. I mean, it is so obvious that I can’t believe no one has thought if this before. Try the Watt-a-burger, in honor of the Houston Texans future Hall of Famer and someone who has helped Houstonians on and off the field, the latter by raising millions for hurricane recovery. And I personally know he is free to do photo shoots at this time.

My proposal is jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and grilled onions (grilled like opposing O-linemen), and up to two patties. You would not have to say “supersize it” like some other hamburger chain that will remain nameless requires, as it already comes in mega-Watt size.

You also can make a special reusable “sack” to hand the burgers to customers in, since sacks are one of the things that JJ excels at.

Both of my friends like the idea and they suggest all it should cost you is a lifetime of Whataburgers for yours truly. Sounds fair to me.

Houston Rockets v Memphis GrizzliesROCKETS LOOKING STRONG – The Rockets are in first place by one-half a game over Golden State in the Western Conference. And they have done it mostly without Chris Paul, the other superstar in the lineup.

That tells me that the unheralded players are meshing with each other, and doing tons of damage. Did anyone notice last week while we were over the moon with the Astros that the Rockets soared for 90 points in one half – IN ONE HALF? That’s old ABA numbers.

It’s really early, but games in October and November count as much as game in the spring. I don’t see the Rockets advancing to the NBA Finals this year, but they currently are playing like they have a shot.

GREATEST NFL RUNNING BACKS? – Jim Brown is No. 1, but how is Earl Campbell only No. 10? 

wonderwoman_punching_thorCOMIC BOOK MOVIE RIVALRY – You have the Hatfields and the McCoys, you have Texas-Texas A&M, and you have the far left Democrats who are against anyone who takes them out of their safe place. And it appears that the comic book-turned-movie genre is becoming just as competitive between Marvel Studios and its Avengers series and DC and its Justice League franchise. I have not seen the Justice League movie that came out this past weekend, but it got about 50 percent bad reviews. However, I know more than 10 people who saw it and said it was super, man. Stay tooned.

TRUMP STICKER HAS COMPANY – The woman who put the F__K TRUMP sticker on her pick-up truck, now has one that says the same thing about the Fort Bent sheriff, who wanted her to take the sticker off in a very public disagreement. Try doing that in China after you have shoplifted.

JUDGE APPROVES MONEY FOR COLLEGE ATHLETES – Some college athletes on scholarship will receive $6,000 each after a court ruling.

CLASSICAL NOTES –  Chopin (pronounced SHOW-pan): Polonaise No. 6 in A flat for piano (Heroique). I hope you will thank me later.

QUOTE OF THE DAY – Hoping for a Disney ending. Preparing for a Shakespearian ending – Tom Savage supporters

HOTTIE OF THE DAY – My cousin of the female variety assured me that at least half of the U.S. population would think Aquaman was Hottie of the Day. I only feel Inadequate Jealousy of the Week.


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