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Our Thanksgiving forecast, the strongest wind gust I have ever seen, a poorly placed bus, and more.

Last week I wrote that forecast trends were pointing to a Thanksgiving with below average temperatures.  I am happy to say that after the warm weather we have had the past couple of years, this Thanksgiving looks perfect.  Temperatures Thursday morning look to be in the mid to upper 40s in the city.  If you are doing the Turkey Trot that morning, as I am, it’ll be chilly and thankfully not the sweat-fest it was last year. The rest of the day will see clear skies and temperatures only rising to the low 60s.  Winds will start to shift back around out of the south late Thursday which will keep temperatures in the 50s Thursday night into Friday morning. So if you are planning on trampling people Friday morning you wont need more than a light jacket or sweatshirt.


“Move Bus!!”

If you haven’t seen the video of a poorly timed bus stop ruining The Weather Channel’s live shot of the Georgia Dome implosion you need to. Here it is, watch with the sound on:

Maria’s Fury

I saw this video taken during Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico pop up on Twitter yesterday.  The video was taken near the eye and features the strongest wind gust I think I have ever seen on video.  I don’t know what the actual measurement of this particular gust was but watch for about 15 or 20 seconds (I set it to start at the 45 second mark) and keep your eye on the white car in the middle of the frame and the gold car behind it.

Gift Idea

This year’s hottest gift for the Star Wars lover in your life:

Alderan lego

If you don’get it I cant help you.


After Harvey would you have ever thought we would be talking about a drought.  There have not been any big rain events since the storm – aiding in clean up and rebuilding, and giving nerves time to heal – but believe it or not it has been so dry that minor drought conditions have started to show up in Texas.  Nature has a funny way of balancing itself out.



That’s all I have for now.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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