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Texans fun, Jose Altuve, and some Ball vs. Trump hilarity! The update for 11/21

This is how I feel about the holiday season

It’s about damn time the Texans played a game that didn’t leave me wanting to vomit or contemplate quitting watching the sport forever. Sunday was that day. They got off to kind of a slow start, and I thought here we go again”. But after halftime they really started to put it together. Did Tom Savage play great football? No, of course he didn’t – he’s not good. But he did look like a serviceable back up, which is all we’ve been asking of him. The defense didn’t play lights out, but they were able to get some really good stops and take-aways (interceptions on two consecutive drives seems good) which helped seal the victory. But I’m still sad. Yet another injury on Sunday took out D’Onta Foreman the rookie running back from Texas that I loved with all my heart. I don’t usually get into the personal lives of NFL players, but Foreman has had a rough 2016 – his last year in college and watching him do well this season was making me so happy. He was a solid two back, who I believe can help the Texans pick up chunk yardage. He got his first TD on Sunday:

And then. This:

“Wow, go D’Onta!” I said to no one in particular as he took off. And then I saw it happen. His foot hit something at a weird angle and he was down in distress. My heart is broken. You’ll be back D’Onta!!

Jose Altuve had an appearance at the Academy in Katy and let me tell you – people love some Jose. I stayed up to watch the Sunday news after Sunday Night Football and people were already in line waiting for the chance to meet the MVP. His appearance was yesterday at 5:30, and these people were willing to wait 30 hours in line, in the chilly weather. I think it was worth it, people coming out of the Academy with their autographed pictures were in tears of joy. I mean look at Mary –

He asked her how she was doing! I love Mary, and I wish nothing but the best for her future endeavors because she is genuinely so happy that she just met Jose Altuve.

Lavar Ball vs. President Trump is the WWE fight we need to see happen. First, LiAngelo was part of the ring of thieves that stole from a store in China. This was bad, and they almost were going to have to spend some time in jail. Donald Trump spoke with the “President” of China and secured the boys’ would be able to come home. They are stupid idiots. They should absolutely be kicked off of the UCLA basketball team and honestly they should probably have their scholarships revoked and be expelled. But basketball is important at UCLA so they won’t. After the press conference where they apologized and thanked Donald Trump for helping them get home (which they should have done) I guess Lavar Ball refused to thank Trump. This angered the President and here we sit now, with a Twitter brawl between the two stupidest people on planet earth morphing into what will certainly be a feud for the ages.

Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and I want to earnestly say thank you to everyone that reads my stuff on Tuesdays. My only goal is to make people laugh on here, so if you aren’t laughing at what I’m writing, at least you aren’t sending me hateful messages and that makes me happy too. Thanks everyone!

Quote of the Day: “Tell Donald Trump to have a great Thanksgiving, cuz Big Baller is!” – Lavar Ball.

Hottie of the Day:


My google searches are getting so weird


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