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Shots! Shots! Shots! And shames, shames, shames. And oh yeah, football: The Holly-day update for Nov. 22

It’s the holiday season! My forever mood…


I have died and came back to life within the past 48 hours. Reincarnation is real my friends.

Someone had this genius idea to take a shot every time my Eagles got in the end zone Sunday night. First half? Eh, boring. My mouth was dry and my liver was too alive. Fast-forward to the second half… (This is when I died). Now usually I’d never beg for my boys to STOP SCORING, but for the love of the football gods I took 5 shots back to back. Enough is enough. Dak and his garbage squad cost me a smooth 7 years off of my life this weekend.

Speaking of the NFL…

My Super Bowl went great, thanks for asking. Darby is back, Dougie P is on his way to coach of the year, AND I am so used to victory Monday’s that I roll out of bed with Tom Brady swag every week.

Back to Houston: I think your Texans also had a game this week.

Football gods: “Week 9 you shall sacrifice Watson. Week 11 will be Foreman and you shall receive a W in exchange.”

Bill OBrien: “Done.”

If you would like to place your application to be a bandwagon Philly fan for the remainder of the 2017 season, click here… Or just click there to read all of my Week 11 game recaps.

Shame time…

What’s worse than Hillary versus Trump? Goodell versus Jones, of course. Make it stop!

Shame bell No. 1


Seeing LaVar Ball’s name is worse than seeing a Kardashian headline. This is just a free b, pity shame.

Shame bell No. 2


I usually don’t do basketball but I found this entire article hilarious. Ray Allen gets catfished… by a dude. Classic.

Shame bell No. 3


Hotties of the Day:


…9-1 – Now that’s some sexy sh–…


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