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Texans. Rockets. Podcasts. The update for 11/28

Tom Savage getting strip sacked AGAIN.

Another week another Texans loss. I was angry after week one. Then weeks two thru eight I felt better. Sure they were still losing games, but they were IN all of those games. And if the defense could get it together, the Texans could turn into a team capable of making the playoffs. Then the unspeakable happened and we’ve been stuck with Tom Savage for the past three weeks. I saw a stat last night that had me in stitches. Under Deshaun Watson the Texans were scoring 34.7 points per game. With Tom Savage under center? It’s like 17 points per game. He’s terrible. Tom if you’re reading this you’re terrible, quit playing football. I laughed so hard when Jon Gruden said Savage was putting together tape (like anyone in the world would give him a job other than this sack of crap football team) I was crying. Baby Biscuit was concerned for me. Who was he throwing the ball to on the last interception of the game? Can a six year old strip sack Tom Savage? Why is he out there? I’m at a loss. Interested to hear what Savage had to say after the game? No one else was either.

For me the worst part of this quarterback debacle is wasting Deandre Hopkins. I pray Watson can stay healthy because who knows what those receiving yards could look like with an actual good quarterback under center.

Meanwhile, at Toyota Center… With a win last night over the Nets, our Rockets are 16-4. That’s crazy. James Harden doesn’t need to play defense when he’s scoring 20 points or more every single game. Warms my heart.

Non-sportsy stuff… If you like podcasts, I am highly recommending “Dirty John.” It revolves around a homicide in Los Angeles, and that’s all we know. A wealthy middle aged woman married and divorced four times, meets and falls in love with a man named John who isn’t want he claims to be. You can read the story HERE. I like to read each story as I finish an episode. There are only six episodes, so it’s not a long listen. Let me know what you think! I actually hate the mom more than the guy she’s dating who is a clear con man. How can you let something like that happen to you?? Maybe I’m being too judgmental, but if a man told me he loved me on our second date, I can promise you I would never speak to him again – dry spell or no.

My fantasy team took a beating this week, sadly. Although when my opponent has a receiver that scores 50 points ALONE I feel like it’s hard to put up much of a fight.

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Quote of the Day

“Oh. The bleeding hearts of the world UNITE” – The Grinch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. PS – I hate Christmas.

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You wanna tell me this man doesn’t do it for you?

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