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The sportsy and slightly non-sportsy update for 12/5

Take us back!!!!

I’d like to start today’s update by telling you that I no longer even care if the Texans win or lose games for the rest of the season and I hate what that has done for me psychologically. They’re not 4-8. So if they win out, at best they’ll finish the season 8-8 which would be bad enough draft pick wise – if they had any picks in the first or second round. But they don’t. So we’re in football fan purgatory. If they do miraculously finish 8-8 (they still have games against the Steelers, and road games against Jacksonville and Indy) who cares? They won’t make the playoffs with that record, even in the crappy AFC. And if they finish with a record worse than 8-8, like 4-12 also who cares? They won’t even get to utilize that decent draft position they’ve acquired. We’re in fan purgatory. The worst part about it is that it’s not like we’re watching exciting football. When Deshaun was playing, even if they lost you were guaranteed at least a good game. Now? All you have is Deandre Hopkins incredible catches – which are probably just as much a testament to how bad Tom Savage is than how good Deandre is. I don’t even yell anymore and I’m the girl that broke her foot kicking a bench outside Roeders when the Texans lost to the Patriots in the 2012 playoffs. Sunday, when Tom Savage went to throw toward the end zone with two minutes left in a four point game, I knew he was going to throw an interception. It’s his destiny. Did I get upset? No. I just removed my glasses, rubbed my eyes, and prepared to take my dog for a walk. When I returned to another Titans score, I simply chuckled knowingly at this band of complete losers and went about my day. Also, how many players can one team lose to injury? This is absurd. We’re cursed. At least we have Deandre. Please don’t leave us:

My lord the Rockets are a good team. They are now 18-4 and have won seven games in a row. I actually watched them on Sunday night against the Lakers and they looked so smooth and exciting. Not the same style of basketball they were relying on before. It’s incredible. I’m all in on the Rockets right now. This stat is absurd:

And another one for James:

JJ Watt and Jose Altuve are the Sports Illustrated Sports People of the Year:

I think it’s very cool that they found a way to honor both of these guys in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the Astros World Series win. They are both incredible guys who have done a lot for this city and they aren’t the only ones. They’re representative of an entire city coming together to rebuild from athletes, to rappers, to regular Joes and Janes picking up and helping people put their lives back together. It’s very cool, and I’m happy for them.

Disco Fantasy Update

I thought I was becoming the Kansas City Chiefs of the Fantasy world, but alas – I got a big win this week. Still kicking myself for dropping the Jacksonville defense instead of just taking the points loss in their bye week, but can’t go back now.

File_001 (6)

Outside of sports – Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of Pimp C’s death.

RIP Pimp


Quote of the Day:

“I’m a boss you a worker bitch I make bloody moves.” – Cardi B

Hottie of the Day:


Sorry Bodak Yellow is the song of our generation and I am all in on Cardi B.

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