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Football, hotness, bitterness, shaming and more: The Holly-day update for Dec. 6

‘Tis the Season…


I was going to write about Philadelphia football today but I figured you guys would click the X on the top right of your screen because… you don’t care. And I’m supposed to write on HOUSTON sports. Here is your local update…

I slept all day and missed your…

Texans: lose

Rockets: beat LaVar Ball’s kid

Dynamo: choke to Seattle (don’t worry, I feel your pain… literally)

Side Note: In case you were wondering… I’ve finally recovered from the wax, only to be reminded that it’s almost time to go back for a touch up. I’m out guys, find your own entertainment.

Holly’s World: Since my fake boyfriend is tired of hearing my sh—, Ive decided to share my venting with you guys. Today is all about Holly and my weekly bones I need to pick.

  • JuJu vs Burfict: I never like seeing injuries to any player, but if you for one second felt bad for Burfict eating a piece of humble pie last night, you’re a sensitive biatch. Call me dirty, but JuJu standing over him made me smile. It was like seeing a bully finally get his ass kicked. I’m rolling with AB here, “KARMA!”


  • Gronk = Gross: Gronk’s dirty hit on White was disgusting. What was this guy thinking? He was clearly drunk because this was the “latest” hit I’ve ever witnessed. I feel like we went to an entire commercial break and came back before the flag was thrown.


  • Speaking of FLAGS: Please do not ever let official #99 handle any more of my Eagles’ games. I am NOT blaming our loss on unfair calls, but they certainly didn’t help.


  • SNF Breakdown (sorry, I couldn’t resist): Wentz played the worst game of his young career, our DBs looked like last season’s garbage, Vaitai was more drunk than me on a Saturday night and Dougie P clearly has hoes in Seattle that kept him occupied. Either that, or someone stole our whole play book because the calls were horrendous. BUT. We shall bounce back this week and handle the Rams!


  • Ohio Football: IS TRASH. How does Cinci manage to lose Monday nights’ game AND throw my entire point spread in the garbage? Oh, wait. Because that’s what they do. Remove the entire state of Ohio off of the sports map. (As my friend Mal reminded me, we want to make it clear that we are NOT leaving Ohio State football out either).

This entire article was a shame bell. Today’s shames are brought to you by… *scrolls back to HS&S homepage and clicks on first sponsored ad* …Lawyer Dave!


Hottie of the Day: 


…This is Summer. Summer is one of my best friends who knows absolutely nothing about sports, but she’s hot. It also happens to be her birthday this weekend…


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