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Scavenging for Texans positives: The update for Dec. 8

On the surface, the Texans situation looks bleak as we are approach the 2018 season.  There is little to look forward to in the off-season outside of Free Agency.  Unless you have been away on Mars, the Texans do not have a 1st nor a 2nd round pick therefore losing in 2017 is not even fun.  At least in the past, we had a high round draft pick to look forward to.

In my quest to build some excitement for 2018, I have identified a few positives.

National Games

I am guilty of a superstition.  I hate when the Texans play National Games.  It seems like the Texans are embarrassed in those particular games or it ends really badly.  I do not know how the NFL schedules national games but the prevailing thought is “it’s predicated on the last season.”  The more you win the more national games a team will receive.  If we are using this line of logic, the Texans should get 1 possibly 2 national games but there’s a Wild Card.  DeShaun Watson!  I fear the excitement of DeShaun  may skew this standard.  The NFL will not focus as much on the Texans record but probably Deshaun’s projection.


One of my pet peeves, hearing media gawk over “first place schedules.”  You would think a first-place schedule affects your whole following schedule the way the media talks about.  First thing’s first, 14 games of a team’s schedule is determined by rotation.  If there are no changes in conference or division, we know the 14 games a team will play.  The only variable in schedule is determined by how you finish.  If you win your division, you play two first place teams in your conference.  If you finish last, you play two last place teams.   This year, it appears the Texans will finish 3rd or possibly last.   Although two games are meaningless in the grand scheme, for the Texans, that could be significant.

Texans Draft Party

In my opening passage, I mentioned, the Texans not having a first or second round  draft pick. Only a sick mind like myself would wonder, will the Texans have a Draft Party and more importantly, would fans attend?   Of course, fans would attend a Texans Draft Party on Thursday with no picks because Bulls On Parade.

It got me to thinking, how many Texan Fans even realize the Texans do not have a 1st or 2nd rd pick?  Former Texans Steve McKinney didn’t know Texans didn’t have a 1st or 2nd round pick.


Marshawn Lynch – Ding Dong Sauce.  Move over Colin Kaepernick, we have a new hero for the black movement.  Marshawn apologized to the media for no showing because he had to provide a sample for a urinalysis or as he puts it Ding Dong Sauce

Warren Moon is giving a whole new meaning to Mooning.  Moon is being sued for sexual assault ; as I thought about it, Moon has been a bad boy.  I remember Moon getting in trouble for Domestic Violence and a few years later consecutive DUIs.

Brian Cushing, really dude?  I am tired of this bum.  Texans activated Brian after his 10 game suspension for PEDs.  Brian tried to explain what caused him to get suspended.  Apparently, he was taking a prescribed medicine for a mental issue.  The last time Brian was suspended, it was a false pregnancy, this time he’s going through mental problems, I got it, Brian Cushing is going through menopause.


The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

Leo Tolstoy



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