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Going viral has backfired yet again, the update for 12/12.


Are the Rockets too good? They’re 21-4, and yesterday won their 10th in a row. The last time the Rockets won this many games through the first 25 was their first championship season. They’re scoring an absurd amount of points. They look amazing. But I’m afraid they might be too good right now. The national media is paying attention, which puts them in prime position to melt down. Local radio hasn’t talked much about them, because football is king and I guess it’s more lucrative to talk about the 4-9 Texans than an actual good sports team. What is there even to talk about with the Texans at this point?

Speaking of the dumpster fire down on Kirby… The hits just keep on coming for the Texans PR team. First, Bob McNair with probably the stupidest and most tone deaf comment these tiny ears have ever heard. And now the medical staff has to explain why they let Tom Savage back on the field after this:

To me, this is a common sense issue, and I don’t blame Bill O’Brien. Someone has to be held accountable though. The medical staff failed here; they put Savage at risk and they left the organization looking bad. It’s not like Tom Savage is Tom Brady and this game has any sort of playoff implications. This team is a trash can without Deshaun Watson that you could plug literally any quarterback into. Meanwhile though, Deandre Hopkins… my lord. Out here putting boys on skates:

Catching incredible touchdown passes from third string quarterbacks:

I can’t decide what things would be like if Deshaun Watson were out there. He had the awareness and the ability to extend plays and involve more receivers, where Hopkins is a crutch for Savage and most likely Yates.

Viral Video Time. Over the weekend, this little boy went about as viral as humanly possible. His name is Keaton, and the video which is pretty sad is of him crying about how his mom picked him up from school early because he was being bullied then he proceeds to describe the bullying that was being done to him. It’s pretty sad, because bullying is garbage. But then as it ALWAYS happens, it turns out this kid is problematic. His mom is a racist who drapes herself in the confederate flag online and attacks protesters and kneeling athletes. Rumors begin swirling online that perhaps Keaton had been calling some of the kids at his school the N word and they retaliated. A GoFundMe was set up to raise money for the kid (not sure why he needs a Go Fund Me page simply for being bullied, what’s the money for???), and celebrity after celebrity was inviting him to movie premieres, concerts, etc. Now this. I have already written about how badly it sucks to go viral. Now, I was out on this story from the get go for two reasons. 1) You’re a terrible parent if you just picked your bullied son up from school, he’s crying, and you’re like “yeah, instead of comforting him I’ll stick a camera in his face”. 2) Why do they need a Go Fund Me!? He was bullied, he isn’t dead – like this little girl who killed herself after being bullied. I’m almost completely out on the internet. How are you people are still so freaking gullible that you believe every single thing you see online without putting two seconds of research into it!? And these celebrities don’t give a shit about this kid – they just want to look good to the public and seem caring. If just one of these people blindly tweeting at Keaton to come watch their movie, or visit them in Hollywood would step up and take the kid under their wing for good, maybe he could learn that it does really get better. As for the racist mom, they live in rural Tennessee for god sakes. Uh no duh she’s racist. Christmas is coming up and I’m a poor single mom working two jobs, so I’m going to make a video of baby biscuit crying because I could really use an extra $50K right now. Venmo is open.

As for my fantasy team… I think I’m out of the playoffs now? I lost by TWO POINTS. Dad gum.

Quote of the Day:

“I’ll remember you as a sturdy love maker with a massive chin, who was kind to waiters and taxi drivers, which suggests you might actually be a good person.” – Catastrophe (the greatest show on Amazon Prime)

Hottie of the Day


The Yates of Hell here to save the Texans season from further embarassment

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