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The angry, bleep-talking, Eagles inspired update (memo: don’t piss off Holly) for Dec. 13


This was an actual representation of me Sunday evening when we won the division. Surrounded by Dallas fans, this would usually be my prime sh—talking time… Except my QB died. I couldn’t even flourish in our best win of the season. I waited weeks to beat the Rams and rub it in all of your faces on every social media outlet I could find access to. But, the football gods had different plans. Now here we are, still upholding the best record in the entire NFL. After re watching all 14 weeks of Dougie P’s post game pep talks on repeat until I fell asleep, I am back. In case you biatches thought Holly was done crap talking… READ UP


Let’s RECAP:

May I start by stating, these lashes I have on have survived longer than most of your season records.

Someone give the Browns of Cleveland their one win of the year. Please. How do you blow that lead and THEN lose in OT? Never mind… Gordon is finally back from his 7-season suspension so I feel that one win coming soon. (At least we hope, I’d hate for him to relapse. Again.)

One job New York Giants. You had ONE job. Of course, these bums out of New York failed. Have no fear! My Eagles swooped in to save the division.

More Bird Talk: Well LA you finally got your stadium full, you’re welcome. PS- Thanks NFL for dropping us 4 spots in your garbage ass rankings after we beat the best team on our schedule. (Insert non lady like gestures here).

Dallas, NYG, Bills, Jets…. Those embarrassing L’s sound familiar? Congrats to one of the league’s biggest frauds. Kansas City finally won a game. Hugs for everyone in the AFC West.

Due to the smack talking I’ve had to endure all week from Saints fans, this is a special one for you: I’d love to ask how your Victory Monday went, but you wouldn’t know. Give your QB a high five for me! It’s been a while since I’ve seen a game ending interception as beautiful as the one Brees threw to Atlanta Thursday. Quick poll! Who can win MVP for the best interception? Matt Ryan with his 3 or Brees with the finale?

One last shout out: This is for the Vikings and their fans for taking that amazing L to help out the rest of the division! You guys are the real winners! We appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Your Texans Game: was so boring that I turned it off and missed your 17th QB step in since 2016.

Shame bell to me for being extra honest and mean on this fabulous mid-week victory Wednesday. This is what you get when you piss off a Philly fan. (This post is for my boys)


Hottie of the Day:

NFL 3 Eagles cheerleader

…Okay, so our old cheerleader ad looks kind of porn-ish but whatever. “Haters gonna hate”…

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