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Fire Bill O’Brien and Rick Smith…yawns. Net neutrality, bitcoin and more: The update for Dec. 15

DeShaun Watson failed me at one thing.  When DeShaun took over the starting quarterback role for the Texans, I said “Thank God, now we will not have to hear this annual bull about Bill O’Brien or Rick Smith being fired.”  I was naïve, I was wrong, DeShaun did not prevent the annual  Rick and O’Brien conversation from happening.

I remember the exact time frame the thought of replacing Rick and Bill became a discussion.  November 2015, CBS Sports Jason La Canfora wrote an article on the Power structure in NRG changing.  Apparently, Bill O’Brien was going to assume more power going into 2016.  Let me bring you up to speed; it didn’t happen.

La Canfora’s article became a thorn in my ass because all of local media ran with it.  The subject has shifted from power control to O’Brien getting canned.  Every year around this time, there’s a debate of O’Brien getting fired.


I see what’s happening.  The Texans are in “no man’s land”.

  • Texans are bad
  • Texans do not have two premium draft picks
  • No playoff aspirations
  • Fans are tuning out

Therefore, local media has to make content and squeeze the last drop of juice out of this shriveled lemon.  In their minds, the Houston Texans are still the cream of the crop locally and any news will drive the needle.  This is an extreme case of Group Think. They have thought like this for so long, the thought of Houstonians simply not caring is a joke to them so they will continue to go to the Texans well.


The one thing that intrigues me about the annual Fire Bill Obrien topic, the media always questions O’Brien and rarely Rick Smith and Bob McNair.  Hell, O’Brien is the employee, if you really want information, question Rick and Bob.  O’Brien is not going to say “I want to move on” and he cannot determine if he stays.   Logic would say all employment questions need to be directed to his bosses not him.

Is the tide changing for Rick Smith?

I am use to hearing the local media and radio fans bitching about Rick Smith, but this was the first year I’ve seen it bleed into NRG.  It appears to be more signs of Fire Rick Smith in and around the stadium on Game Day.  As stated, local radio has always been on the #FireRickSmith bandwagon but we really don’t know if Bob or Cal McNair hear it.  Fire Rick Smith signs at the stadium is a whole different story.





What I have come to realize, Bitcoin and Net Neutrality are two topics most of America do not understand.  The topics reminds me of Enron in the 90s and early 2000s.  We all knew Enron was a big deal but no one knew how profits were turned

Like everything in the United States, Net Neutrality has become political.   Battle lines are drawn between party lines.  Democrats hate it, Republicans love it.  I caution you to be careful where you receive your information on this subject.  Both sides are spinning.  Personally, I do not believe we will see a difference with the repeal of net neutrality but many are throwing out doomsday scenarios.  It’s a big Snooze Fest.


The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.

-Malcolm X



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