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Week 15 Misery Index

Last week I picked Buffalo to be the most miserable site to watch a game and, not to toot my own horn, I kind of nailed it.  Even though the football product wasn’t fantastic the snow made it incredibly fun to watch on TV (unless you are one of those with a stick up your butt).  On a clear day a Colts-Bills match-up wouldn’t have been a good game so what does it hurt to add a little frozen chaos to the mix. In addition to providing viewing pleasure the snow helped propel yours truly to a fantasy playoff victory.  My opponent in the Houston Sports & Stuff Fantasy League (Disco Biscuit) had 3 Colts in her starting lineup – needless today they didn’t perform particularly well.

Misery Index

This weekend fan misery comes to Seattle.  The Seahawks will take on the Rams in weather fitting for Seattle in December.  Temperatures will be in the upper 40s, it will be raining, and it will be windy. Additionally the 12th man will have to watch as the once lowly Rams, a team that no one not cashing checks from Stan Kroenke cares about, takes the division torch from the Seahawks. It will be a cold, wet, raw afternoon to watch their championship window close.

Outside of the game in Seattle the weather looks relatively calm across the football landscape this weekend.  However with the wind in Seattle I’d double check your decision on playing a kicker from that game.

Local Interest

Locally we have an interesting period of weather coming up over next week and into Christmas.  Thunderstorms look to be possible later tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night some of which could be severe and bring some brief heavy rain, but its nothing to lose much sleep over. However my eye is on the forecast for late next week and beyond. Right now the weather on Christmas is looking cold, and while it is still to far out to pin down with great detail it certainly has my attention.  I’ll be back next week with the full story on that.

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