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The Texans are starting to make me unhinged. The update for Dec. 19

TJ Yates fumbles the ball.

The Texans lost to the Jags again on Sunday in another embarassing fashion. The final score of 45-7 was just an all around pathetic (shout out John McClain) display of professional football. I turned the game off at halftime. I thought to myself, “Why am I still watching this?” and the answer was “you’re not.” How bad was this loss? Well, some are saying it’s up there with the worst losses in the Bill O’Brien era. Should this loss get Bill O’Brien fired? I say no, and in fact I’m furious with reports that he could be. If Bill O’Brien is fired and Rick Smith somehow maintains his job, I would support the NFL launching an internal investigation. I understand that Bob McNair is loyal – but this is getting out of hand. Does Smith have evidence that Bob is trafficking children out of a pizza parlor or something? This team isn’t this bad solely because of Bill O’Brien, and I support giving him one more year with Deshaun Watson and a healthy team. This year, they’ve been decimated by injuries – and yes, that comes with the territory and they have played with a beat up roster in the past with more success, but before your backups were more competent than Tom Savage and TJ Yates. By the way… my lord, it’s time to close the Yates of Hell. With Deshaun Watson under center, this offense looked totally different, so I feel confident he can work with that. Some of the most glaring issues aren’t even Bill O’Brien issues: Mike Vrabel is clearly not ready to take on defensive play calling, give that role back to Romeo Crennel; Bill O’Brien isn’t the reason they have an offensive line that couldn’t stop a toddler from getting to the quarterback; Bill O’Brien also didn’t fail to re-sign key players. Is O’Brien a great coach? Far from it!! But he has only been here for four years, where as Rick Smith has been running this team into the ground for ELEVEN YEARS. Eleven years and he’s been through three head coaches and won only three play off games. And yet he remains. The players have quit, something they hadn’t done even last week when they tried, they just suck. And what is Clowney doing calling Blake Bortles trash? Hey Jadeveon, you literally were begging the Jags’ social media team to roast your ass. Which they did perfectly…

I truly hate this football team so much, I get angry every Sunday that I’m even giving my television views. Please just lose every remaining game so that we can fade silently back into the abyss and I can pull out my Men in Black mind eraser to rid my mind of this filth and be ready for next season.

Onto something that doesn’t make my blood boil… The Rockets just won their 14th consecutive game last night beating the Utah Jazz 120-99. There’s not much else to say about this team that hasn’t been said. They are actually a joy to watch, they do a great job moving the ball, Chris Paul and James Harden are meshing better than anyone thought they would. The Malone family picked up another L at the hands of James Harden with this…

Skip Bayless has become more unhinged since his move to FS1… at this point he has to be saying things purely to see how out of hand his mentions get.

Yesterday John Skipper over at ESPN announced he’s stepping down at ESPN over… substance abuse issues? Wow. I’ve had people close to me struggle with drug and alcohol addiction so I sincerely hope that he takes this time to get the help he needs. Substance abuse treatment is a long and winding road that you are recovering from for the rest of your life. ESPN is currently being investigated for an array of sexual assault and harassment issues, and so I think a lot of people are waiting for the other shoe to drop on this one. I’m interested to see where this story with John Skipper goes.

Quote of the Day:

“I will never resign as football coach of the Houston Texans” – Billy O

Hottie of the Day:


He made seven 3-pointers last night. Fill out that beard a bit and I’d let him take me out.

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