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Disney, lack of alcohol, shames, snarky football takes and more: It’s a Holly-inspired update for Dec. 20

Don’t be me this holiday season, be better than me.

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I tried to take the week off from sports. I chose the happiest place on earth. Also the hardest place to sneak booze and adult drugs into… Disney World.

So here’s a recap of week 15 (the Sportsy and not so Sportsy edition)

Don’t ever spend extra money on the “skip the line passes” at Disney World. Believe it or not, there is a line for the skip the liners.

The happiest place on earth forgot the happiest ingredient on earth. Yes, it’s true… No booze allowed in this entire park. No adult getaway bars, no mini shot glasses next to the mickey ears… just long lines, lots of children & total sobriety.


Are the stats even worth typing? That’s where I am with the Texans and their talentless squad at this point. We all know whats up, why even bother with a recap?

You know the evil grin the grinch gives? Picture me with that exact smirk when the Steelers and TB gave up their games. No, I don’t like the Patriots but I also don’t like the Steelers record being so close to my team’s record. Therefore, one of us has to take an L and I won’t allow it to be my team.

The Vikes keep winning and I keep panicking. Why won’t you LOSE?!

Atlanta is hot garbage. Out of all of the top dogs right now, this team is the least intimidating. Besides, any team that blows the Super Bowl like they did should be eliminated automatically by default from playoffs this season.

A win is a win. My Eagles keep rolling, despite y’alls continuous attempts to call us a fraud. Granted, giving up 29 points to the worst offense in the league is a bit embarrassing, I’ll still take the dub. Suck it DALLAS fans! (Mainly the ones named Dustin).

Todd Gurley is going to be a huge problem. This Rams team is serious. I love it.

What’s not serious? Your Texans keeping good ol Bill around. I vote we make a trade to the Cleveland Browns. We can give them O’Brien AND Rick Smith for the low. All they have to do is make sure they actually “fax over” the trade paperwork this time before the deadline.
Shame bell No. 1


I am confused as to why Kaep keeps headlining on……… Last time I checked, there is no Kaepernick listed on any roster in the NFL. This would make him in fact, completely irrelevant to the league. GIVE IT UP. I’m going to tweet at Trump and see if it’s possible to send him on an all inclusive mission trip to some third world country for a while.

Shame bell No. 2


Dear NFL, your TD rules are more confusing that a college trig course. Send help.

Shame bell No. 3


Hottie of the Day:

Adriana (32)

‘Tis the Season…

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