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Kleins Christmas Party: John and Lance are back

John Granato and Lance Zierlein reunited approximately three weeks ago.  Their debut was nice but they have solidified themselves back in the market with Klein’s Christmas Party.

The most famous at the party was too busy to attend the party; Caller Stu.  The day before the party, a caller by the name of Stu set the tone.  If you ask me, Klein’s Christmas Party started Thursday with Stu’s call.

Lance and John’s kids were in attendance along with tons of fans.  One thing that was clearly different from their past events, The Beard Game.  The beards were sick, I think I even saw a few hobos and females with beards.

Glen “Sweets” Miller made me feel at home and I mean literal home with “coolaid.” All of the food was spot on.  Barbecue plus alcohol at 9 a.m. and you got a very happy Lamont

If you do not know, Lance and John’s whole reason for these type of parties is to allow the fans to let it out.

Two of my favorite events, Beer Chugging Relay and the Egg Nog.


After the morning Christmas party was over, the show moved down the road to Nick’s place

I blast old school Houston radio a lot but it felt good to have that old feeling back.  As I drove off, I begin to ponder their show’s name The Bench.

Is this the last Hoorah for John and Lance?  John and Lance started with THE BENCH 20 years later, The Bench?  Just a thought.

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