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Salary cap hell vs. draft hell

April 28, 2011: Stage is set for the Draft during the 76th NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, New York. (Cal Sports Media via AP Images)

I have tried to get excited for the 2018 NFL Draft, but I can’t.  The Houston Texans do not have a first or second round pick with a ton of holes to fill.  The Texans are relatively comfortable with their salary cap situation but I don’t exactly trust that because they had money to do things in 2017 and they didn’t.

This is my first time approaching an NFL Draft as a Texan fan without a premium pick.  I have experienced the Texans being in salary cap hell.

I begin to wonder, which is worse from a “fan” perspective, salary cap or draft hell.

Salary cap hell

Logically, if a team is up against it with salary cap, I would think they have their core players installed unless they are terrible stewards of money.   They may have a few holes but they can be addressed during the draft.

The fan appeal for free agency season is huge but its over a prolonged time period which eventually fades.

Draft hell

The main issue with draft hell, you are losing out on a potentially good player at a discount.  Without a premium pick, you will likely have to overpay for free agents who you could have gotten for much cheaper.

The fan appeal for the NFL Draft is exponential and it’s only a few days.  Although the fans have nothing to do with the on-field product, the draft is huge for them.  Football has been done for nearly three months and fans would like to boast and brag about their picks.

I would much rather be in salary cap hell than draft hell.  I like having young players on the team that I can say “we groomed him.” I also like watching the NFL Draft.  It’s bad enough the NFL draft has moved almost into May, now add the fact I will not pay attention until Day 3.

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