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NBA City Uniforms (Your Move NFL), A Retail Store Living Up To Its Name, and some Funny Holiday Videos. It’s the Dec 28 Update!


First of all, no I don’t plan to turn this weeks update into a fashion blog. That said, Nike and the NBA have released their “City edition” uniforms, and most of them are pretty badass.


Nike’s Houston City Edition Jersey.

After looking at all the bad ass designs, you have to tip your hat to the NBA for trying to stay “cool” and “relevant’ and fresh when it comes to apparel and jerseys. Which is pretty much the complete opposite of the NFL. Other than the color rush uniforms  that are used on Thursday night games (which I really like and think should be adopted full time – and updated often), the NFL uniforms are old, boring and quite frankly they all pretty much suck.

Each NBA team has FOUR different jerseys they can choose from, and to take it a step further this year, the NBA is no longer requiring a team to use their white uniforms. Teams can choose whatever colors they want, so long as they opposing uniform isn’t close in color (in other words, the Rockets can’t wear their black unies if they are playing the Spurs, who also plan to wear their black jerseys).

Like the NBA, the NFL needs to embrace this new era of modern and ever changing uniform designs. In the NCAA, teams like Oregon are able to recruit better because they have so many different variations when it comes to their uniforms. And don’t think for one second other colleges didn’t see that and follow suit with updates and more uniform options.

The NFL is already watered down enough. It’s game play is actually getting kind of boring, if I’m being honest. So they might as well be appealing in other ways.

I’m not sure why the NFL has to be so stiff with everything they do. I guess it’s the good old boy network still running things behind the scenes? They should embrace these kinds of changes. Surely there’s a way that they can capitalize on it monetarily?


I hate to say it but with Capella now missing the next 2 games (after coming back for the OKC loss) the Rockets are in real danger of losing 5 in a row. It’s bad enough this team has dropped 3 straight, but now they have to travel to Boston and then DC? Things could go from bad to worse, and quickly.


Did you hear the one where the retail store actually lived up to its name? Apparently there was a pricing error on Dick’s Sporting Goods website, causing deal savvy Astros fans to get the shaft.

The boo-boo occurred on the Dick’s website, causing Houston Astros Replica World Series jerseys – that normally go for about 140 bones – to be on sale for $9.98. People came right away to get their hands on a jersey, especially with a discount that stiff.

Once the folks over at Dick’s got wind of the error they pulled out right away, cancelling all the orders that had been placed and leaving everyone hanging.

Look, I get it, the folks at Dicks aren’t nuts but they could have (and should have) had the balls to do something to make up for this. It’s not the consumers fault, so maybe meet halfway?


In the end Dick’s wouldn’t give an inch. They cancelled all the orders and essentially told people “thanks for coming”. So here’s to Dick’s for living up to their name.


Here are some videos I shot over Christmas that you might enjoy. If you do, give the ol’ YouTube channel a subscribe. Or not, whatevs…



Franciele Medeiros is Brazilian…and hot af. More here.

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