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Rick Smith’s leave of absence is not enough; local media wants him fired


At the conclusion of the Texan’s season, we learned that Rick Smith would be taking a leave of absence because his wife is dealing with cancer.

I thought I was heartless; after seeing some of the rhetoric about Rick Smith (after the fact), I’m like. “damn.”  Some in the local media are not satisfied with Rick Smith leave of absence for a year; they flat out want him gone permanently.

Most seem to be hovering around the word “timing.”  The timing is mighty suspect. I mean, it can’t be anything simple like a man wanting to take care of his wife, it has to be a conspiracy.  I heard a person on the radio say “the Texans need to take this opportunity to fire him.”

The local media does not like Rick Smith because he is not candid with them like Daryl Morey and Jeff Luhnow.  They mask it with shit like his “middle round” picks as if they really care.  It’s my belief, if Rick was all chummy with the local media like Morey and Luhnow, they would be neck deep in his ass praising his existence.  It’s not to say there’s anything wrong with Morey and Luhnow’s personalities; hell I would love if Rick was more casual but he’s not.


As I thought about the Rick Smith situation, it was clear to me some in media knew about the situation.  The first clue was Landry Locker’s tweet.


Later John Granato alluded to people knowing about the situation.


I am not coming at Landry or Granato because I do not know when they knew. I am specifically talking about media members close to the team.

If the local media knew that Rick Smith was dealing with a family member with cancer and still pumped a narrative (true or false) about Rick v Bill O’Brien, shame bell.  As a person who dealt with someone with cancer, the last thing I care to hear about is some media whores gossiping like teen girls at a slumber party.

Not only is it shitty to Rick Smith but it’s equally shitty to ask Bill O’Brien about a beef while knowing the situation is more serious than a cat fight.  I can only imagine what Bill O’Brien was thinking as these gossip queens questioned him about a cat fight.

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