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Texans in preseason form, winless Browns, college playoffs are here and more: The Happy New Year/hangover update for Jan. 1, 2018


What’s the difference between a last game in the regular season for a team not in the playoffs, and the fourth game of the preseason?

Nothing. No one cares.

Sunday’s Texans game was in Indianapolis, and there were a lot of blue seats in the stands.

And throughout the game, it was obvious that the refs just wanted to get through the contest.

Joanthan Joseph and T.Y. Hilton had a slugfest, and no one was ejected from the game, as per the rules. No one cared.

Jadeveon Clowney lost his helmet when a defender hit him with hands to the face, and no call was made. No one cared.

The last play of the game – and the season – was an interception of a a T.J. Yates pass that the defenders lateraled before three Texans whose names I did not know made the stop. No one cared.

The Texans ended the season with six straight losses.

CLLLLLLLLLLLLLevelandThe TV then switched to the Cleveland-Pittsburgh game. Cleveland receiver Coleman dropped a ball on fourth down in that game, and Cleveland remained winless. The Browns are the third team to go winless since the AFL-NFL merger.

Cleveland-alphebet has more WsTheir last quarterback to lead them to a win was Johnny Football.

Then I looked at the former Oilers, and they made the playoffs. Then I watched another channel, and the Cowboys won in a game marred by the weather. The horror. The horror.

I have to think Oklahoma-Georgia and Clemson-Alabama today will be better games than the pro games on Sunday.

Getting back to the Texans — As I said last week, I think Bill O’Brien should get another year to coach the Texans. With Deshaun Watson, O’Brien opened up the offense and the Texans were a team that people cared about. They also will play a last-place schedule, which includes games against Cleveland, Dallas and the New York Football Giants.  

I think next year will be a great turnaround, and I predict that the last game of the year will mean something — unlike on Sunday.

BRAIN TURNER — From a friend on Facebook:

On New Year’s Eve, every single adult in the world was born in the 20th century and every child was born in the 21st century, and it’s the only day that’s true for. I guess that is true, except for the 20- and 30-something year olds who technically aren’t children, but…

PAC-12 SUCKS THE MOST –– The Pac-12 Conference set a new record in bowl futility, with a 1-8 mark this season. Only Utah won its bowl game.

However, the Big 10 looks like it could be a big winner in terms of bowl wins. And that’s the league people made fun of for being too slow and too white.

ESPN RATES NFL TEAM NOT IN PLAYOFFS — ESPN said that the Texans aren’t the worst team that did not make the playoffs. It just feels that way.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK — From Jadeveon Clowney, saying there is nothing to learn from this year. “Four and 12. Throw it all away.”

CLASSIC NOTES  — Tchaikovsky. He had more quality work than just the Nutcracker. Here is Capriccio Italien, which goes well with a red Italian wine.


Texans cheerleader hottie

At least there is this.

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