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Potential for a little more of the S-word tonight? It’s a definite bear watch.

I can’t believe I am writing this, but for the second time in less than a month we may see a few flakes of the s-word fall from the sky this evening.  Before this cold spell started a couple of days ago people were asking me if there was going to be any snow or ice since the temperatures were going to be so cold.  I confidently answered “No” as the lower level of the atmosphere looked far too dry to allow any precipitation to make it to the ground. I was proven wrong this morning when I encountered some pretty healthy sleet falling around 7:30 this morning.  And my failure may continue since this morning computer models began hinting at the potential for some more frozen precipitation this evening and have kept showing that trend through the afternoon.

In general very cold air masses like the one we are under are extremely dry, which is why up until this morning precipitation with this cold snap seemed unlikely.  However this evening a small disturbance in the atmosphere will be passing by and it may provide enough lift in the to squeeze out what little moisture there is in the form of precipitation.  If this happens some of you may see some sleet pellets or even some – dare I say it – snowflakes.  HOWEVER, it does not look like precipitation will be as widespread or as heavy as it was with the snow event a few weeks ago, so not everyone will see something.  If you are so inclined to go look for some of the white stuff the best chances will likely be between about 7 PM and Midnight.

Again, this is far from certainty, but the trends look interesting enough that I thought I would bring up the possibility.  It definitely bears watching.

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