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A little bit of everything today: The gumbo-inspired update for Jan. 5


Globally Warmed

As I sit in my home freezing my balls off, I can’t help but think about how much I am Globally Warmed.  Most of the country is experiencing temperatures less than my age but hey Global Warming.  Oh wait, I am wrong, a few years ago, they realized Global Warming pigeon holed them in a box.  Global warming looks like a joke when regions are still cool therefore they had to create some more bull that can attribute all weather events, Climate Change.  Climate change is nice and simple and every weather event can be associated with such a broad term.

Naïve as it may be, when local meteorologist can manage to get a 3, 5, or 7 day forecast correct, I may believe in climate change.

Jeff Sessions vs Weed

WTF is up with Jeff Session and his obsession with weed?  I believe in the rule of law and I also believe in the Law of the Land but I don’t see any reason for weed to be a target.  Jeff Sessions has rescinded Barack O’Bama’s policy on weed.  More resources will be dedicated to fight those who break the law.  Personally, I don’t have a problem with weed and if a state takes a vote, let it be.

Some may question how is this any different than sanctuary cities.   Illegal Immigration is against federal law but some cities ignore federal law.  The difference for me, in most cases (I know of), it’s not voted on by citizens.

Frobeus, a friend on Twitter, asked an interesting question.   Is Jeff Sessions trying to stop the states where it’s legal or prevent other states from adopting the same policies?

It could actually be both, stop the states allowing weed while scaring other states not to adopt similar policies.  Ultimately, I think Jeff Sessions is a Southern Christian good ole boy and he has his belief system. He grew up thinking weed was horrible and a “GATEWAY” drug, he’s set in his ways.

Child Support

I will not get into all of the specifics, but a Georgia female was arrested for not allowing her kid’s dad to visit her kids.  Apparently, the dad had a court order to visit his kids.   First thing first, GOOD and more fathers should do this.  Secondly, I have never been in a divorce or had to deal with custody and visitation shit but I think it’s stupid to invoke the government in your situation.  You are both adults; figure that shit out between the two of you, try being adults.  When you allow government involvement, the government becomes your surrogate parent arbitrating shit that you can handle on your own like adults.

Texans and Bill O’Brien

I am not a Bill O’Brien fan.  I think he’s a freaking moron who takes credit for situations he puts himself in and gets out of.  He’s like someone stealing your car, and returning it back to you with a full tank of gas.  That said, I cannot ignore what my eyeballs witnessed.  The O’Brien and DeShaun Watson combo were magic offensively.  I want O’Brien here with the same power.  If reports are true that O’Brien is gaining more control, count me out.

I know a few people have successfully managed multiple roles in the NFL but that’s the exception.  O’Brien can’t even tell if his QB is having a seizure on the field.   He has problems with in-game management and now you are going to give him more control over the team? I don’t see it.


“I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments.”

― Jim Morrison



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