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Alabama wins again, a debate on General Managers, and a little Golden Globes the update for 1/9.

I can't wait to see The Disaster Artist

Last night, Nick Saban once again proved he’s the greatest college football coach of all time when Alabama overcame a 13 point halftime deficit to win the National Championship game 26-23 over Georgia. This year there was a lot of talk about expanding the playoff to eight teams – there’s always a debate to be had when two teams are fighting over that final playoff spot. If we go to eight teams, people will find a way to complain about that. A weak power five conference will get it over a potential wild card team from a stronger conference and we’ll be having this debate again. Look at the NFL – they’ve got a pretty good playoff system and every couple of years there’s an uproar over a weak division champion making the playoffs over a strong team that barely missed the wild card. I love the four team college football playoff. I think it allows for a full season discussion and a team’s complete body of work as well as what the committee thinks could happen going forward in the playoff. It’s unique. What I am sick of is Alabama. They’re the Patriots of college football. I’m just sick of them being there year after year – it’s getting tiring. But until other SEC teams can figure out how to consistently beat Nick Saban we’re stuck with this. Plus realistically I’m OK with letting Alabama have this one thing. I mean, Alabama is awful. There’s nothing to do, it’s ugly, and the people there nearly elected a child molester as senator for God sakes.

The Texans season is mercifully over which means I can watch football for the next couple of weeks free from blind rage and tears. I watched the wild card games this weekend and wild card weekend continues to be a shit show. The Tennessee/Chiefs game was good at the end but that was just Andy Reid doing his normal thing. There’s not even any point in watching the Titans vs. Patriots game. New England has a bye heading into the AFC Championship game – like they do every year. The game of the weekend was Jags/Bills. What a terrible game. As soon as I saw Tyrod Taylor try to throw a deep ball in the first half I knew we were a lock for the under. A 10-3 score is one you’ll only find on wild card weekend, but gosh darnit did I watch the whole thing. If Jacksonville wins in Pittsburgh next weekend I may pass out. Blake Bortles has only played in snow one time IN HIS LIFE!

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been keeping up with the Rockets much lately but they beat the Bulls yesterday 116-107. They’re 28-11 which is good. I heard there was a debate about which General Manager is  better – Daryl Morrey or Jeff Luhnow and I love a good debate so here we go. People rush, in my opinion to crown Luhnow as better because the Astros went from being so bad to being so good in a relatively short period of time (although Jose Altuve might disagree having spent more than seven years losing in horrific and embarrassing fashion), and won a World Series championship. Tanking to ensure you have top draft picks and then attempting to trade for one of the best pitchers in baseball seems like a no brainer to me and that’s a lot of what Luhnow did. I do give him credit for a couple of things: almost all of his draft picks during that time have been huge pieces to the Astros success and that’s very rare in baseball. Also, he was able to trade away players that weren’t huge impacts for the team in order to get Verlander rather than important pieces. Morey on the other hand is the definition of doing too much. He’s constantly moving around and shuffling pieces to get the ride guys in place rather than build through the draft – something the Warriors have done with major success. Ultimately, the championship pushes the Luhnow above Morey but I don’t think it’s as obvious as people think.

The Golden Globes were Sunday night and as usual they were annoying. Watching these people all wear black and they’re “Times Up” pins while actively accepting roles in films written by and starring men who have been at the least accused several times of sexual harassment rings so hollow it’s painful. Time isn’t up until Hollywood decides it’s not going to set aside sexual assault because someone is talented. I also loved this Blanca Blanco lady just straight up wearing red and then when asked about it saying “I love red”.


Except Oprah. I love Oprah – I miss seeing her on my TV in the afternoons, I miss her interview style, and I miss her voice! But can we please stop with the “Oprah 2020” stuff? Electing a TV star is exactly how we got into the mess we’re in in the first place! People kill me.

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“A new day is on the horizon!” – Oprah

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