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Playoff recaps and predictions, family photo shames, pizza and more: The Holly-inspired update for Jan. 10

Usually I am not a big fan of the playoffs.

  1. Because my team doesn’t make it that far too often
  2. It’s almost always the same teams

This season is different. My team is actually really well and there are, for once in a long time, a different group of talented teams advancing.

Let’s recap.

We all knew the Rams/Falcons game would be a good one. What we didn’t know, is that the Titans/KC game would be that awesome. Oh. And the game I thought would be the best one, was boring. (See: Saints vs Panthers)

I knew it! The KC hype was all for nothing. I love Andy Reid, but this is the same team that has issues finishing anything that they start. The momentum of the entire game shifts with one off play. It’s almost as if these guys just half ass and give up.

The Saints game was a complete snooze fest mid-way through the second quarter. Not sure why Cam would comment on a woman reading routes. He needs to be questioning the route reading of his own defense. Brees and that Saints offense lit them up. Can you say, “Wide open field?

The most interesting thing we saw out of the Buffalo Bills in their first playoff appearance since 1999 was the table lit on fire in the parking lot. I suppose someone has to hold it down and entertain us. Thank you Bills Mafia.

My Round 2 Predictions.

Eagles vs Falcons

I’d like to first start off by welcoming the fraud ass Falcons into the great city of Philadelphia. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Linc. Of course I’m going to say my Eagles win. NEXT.

Patriots vs Titans

Why is this the evening game? The Pats are about to shame the Titans back into last season. Yuck.

Jags vs Steelers

I can’t wait to see this matchup. Jacksonville’s CBs versus the Steelers receivers? This sounds like a sportsgasm in the making. Y’all know I absolutely love the Jags and that D…. but my boys heading to Pittsburgh? RIP (I hope I am so WRONG)

Saints vs Vikings

As fun as this Saints team has been, the Vikes are it. Out of all of these teams, I see Minnesota actually making it all the way. A coin toss, but I’ll call Keenum and the Vikings.

In honor of the Holidays officially being over, I have decided to bless you with some family photo shames. For more from my favorite website, click here.


Senior pictures gone wrong?


This is definitely a family picture of everyone enjoying the new hot tub… Nude. Together.


Same Emily, same.

Hottie of the Day:


Mood. Minus “and you”…



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