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Welcome back to Houston Brian Gaine. Here are a few tips: The update for Jan. 12

Brian Gaine is the Houston Texans new general manager.  I am not upset nor overly excited about the hire.  I’ve seen this rodeo before of a coach involved in hiring his boss; it was called Gary Kubiak.

Overall, I am more interested in the new direction of the team.

That said, there are few things Gaine must understand as a Houston GM.  In an effort to make Brian’s tenure in Houston palatable, I’d like to offer him a few tips.

Winning –  If you want to win Houston over or any city over, just win.   If you win at a high level, you can be the biggest dickhead ever and everyone will love you.  This is one of Bill O’Brien’s flaw; he brags about mediocrity.

Lunches –  Ask Marc Vandameer  or Bill O’Brien ( for that matter) to identify the major local media from each publication and radio station. Set up a lunch with them individually.  The local media loves to be stroked.

Text Messages – Establish a texting relationship with the media.  This may come in handy as you may need one of them to “bat” for you.

Availability – Please, by all means, talk to the local media.  They get really pissy about General Managers who are not candid with them.  This may be the most important tip of them all.

Meet with Jeff Luhnow and Daryl Morey –  Morey and Luhnow could provide more advice on how to get the local media on your side.  Luhnow may tell you, just win.  Morey may tell you identify at least five gullible media members and the world is yours.

It’s my belief the local media has power over fans.   The media can build you up or tear you down in most cases.  If you are a coach, owner or player who appears to be cool with the local media, they will talk you up and give you a pass.  If you are a dick or avoid them, they will roast your ass.   What the local media convey to fans is what you are no matter what.

I have heard on two separate occasions of Daryl Morey taking media members to lunch and recently Bill O’Brien texting a few media members.  Awesome strategy.

My issue is not with players, GMs and coaches being cool with the media, my issue is when some in the media allow them to get a pass or crush the ones who don’t give them time of day.


Waco!  GTFOH out of here.  I am not sure WTF is up in the world when some publication rans them as the second most city to visit in 2018.  Hey baby, for our anniversary, we should go to Waco.  After laughing hysterically, she would have me admitted to a mental hospital, likely in WACO.

Wally World aka Walmart increased their entry level pay, modified a few benefits for the better and offered bonuses to selected employees.  At the same time, Walmart closed 63 Sam’s stores throughout America.  I am not really pissed about the closing of stores but if the reports are true that employees didn’t learn about until today, that’s shit.


When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

– Jimi Hendrix



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